• Be Confident

    How much and from where will your retirement income from?  With a well-developed plan, rooted in empirical research, these questions are easy to answer.

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  • Be Ready

    It's human nature to think of our future-self as different person, not as ourself.  Human nature matters. When it comes to choice and plan implementation, we get it.

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  • Be Clear

    See your situation in fresh and more revealing ways. Identify opportunities and spot problems you don’t realize you have.

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  • Be Prepared

    Be proactive and have a plan to weather any storm

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 Welcome to Lighthouse Financial Planning!

We are committed CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professionals who take a whole-life approach to wealth managment and wealth accumulation.  Because we are a fee-only firm, our primary role is to make sure our clients receive sound advice, and make informed decisions that best suit them and their future. We don’t sell any products and don't receive any types of commission.  


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